Seven Star Luxury Candle


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  • Luxury Container
  • Gorgeous Scent
  • Soy Wax
  • Made in USA
  • Clean Ingredients
  • Long Burn Time

Experience the opulent ambiance of Seven Star, a luxurious candle inspired by the exquisite scents found in 7-star hotels. Immerse yourself in the indulgent aroma of Bergamot, Lavender, Ginger, Sandalwood, and Musk, as this captivating fragrance transports you to a world of unparalleled luxury and elegance.

Crafted with meticulous care, the Seven Star candle combines the finest quality ingredients to create a scent that is both sophisticated and inviting. The refreshing notes of Bergamot and Lavender intertwine with the warm and spicy hints of Ginger, creating a harmonious blend that captivates the senses. The rich and sensual aromas of Sandalwood and Musk add depth and sophistication, creating a truly memorable fragrance experience.

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